Tax Law Book

A new tax law book about the neurological connection between tax laws and stress. It is a must read for all taxpayers.



This tax law book goes through the complexity that our government should and can constitutionally impose on the American people. Our income tax system is convoluted, expensive, and stressful requiring transformational changes. Stress is scientifically proven to be a contributing factor for so many diseases, setting back your immune system.

Ben Compani explains, in this tax law book, that reducing stress and medical reasons are among other major outlined reasons as to why we need to change our income tax system.

This tax book is pioneering, powerful, economically needed, humanitarian and it is for all taxpayers: The President, The Supreme Court Justices, The Legislators, Doctors and Psychologists, Professors and Teachers, Legislators, CPAs, Journalists, Government Employees, Students... This book will give rise to a major movement and it will be grass roots.

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